juggleSo, the million dollar question…how do you juggle blogging, and all the other demands of your life?

I have tried blogging before, and just had to give it up because I didn’t have the time. It made me sad because I really enjoy the community, and sharing my thoughts about books with others. As some of you already know, I am a mommy to a 4 and 7 year old, and I am a full time nursing student.

I have a very demanding schedule, and reading is the first thing to go if I have a packed day full of stuff to do. I try to always read a lil bit before bed each night, but early morning rotations at the hospital keep me from doing that too much.

I recently have read other posts that other bloggers have written, and they address this subject, and talk about what they do that allows them to keep up with this fun hobby. Kimberly over at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer, talked about how she keeps a very organized calendar, and writes her reviews ahead of time. I actually think this is a great idea! I have adopted some of her ways, and now have a calendar of my own.

Another good idea that I got from several other bloggers…audio books! I have not really given audio books a fair chance…the few that I’ve tried have crappy narrators…and I just gave up, but I’m gonna give it another go. I think I could get so much more reading time in if I listened to them in my car, and while doing house cleaning, and even on the treadmill. I am really going to give this a good try and see how it works out! If any of you have any suggestions of good audio books leave me a comment and I ¬†will check them out!

So how do you deal with reading, blogging and real life? I really want to keep blogging this time and hopefully I will find a way to make it work this time around! Wish me luck!

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Literary Darling AKA Lindsay is a married, mother of two and a full time nursing student. Blogging and reading has become a way to stay sane!